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Our blog is all vegetarian and serves anyone whether you’ve just learned the word vegan today or you’re staunch into the lifestyle.

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Many people become vegans to start their journey to living healthy. However, their efforts usually don’t last long. This is because despite investing in many cookbooks, many continue to make the same food choices over and over.

It gets boring cooking the same food over and over, especially if it’s plant-based. This website was born to change that. Here you’ll find a wide variety of vegan foods and recipes that you can try.

Besides main course foods, we also include recipes for soups, stews and sweet treats. Who said being vegan has to be boring? It definitely can’t get boring if you know how to make many different foods.

If there is a dish that you love, we most probably have a vegan variation for it.

100% Organic

Besides such recipes, you will also find recipes we have inspired on our own and those shared by our community and from other vegan sites and cookbooks. This already tells you that our site is the only resource you need going forward in your journey to become healthier.

Ethically Sourced Ingredients

Besides food, and particularly vegan food, we’re also interested in the idea of wellness.It’s highly probable that you’ve decided to go vegan or incorporate more plant and whole foods in your meals to improve your general wellness.

Fresh & Innovative Guides

Well, if that is you, you’re in luck because we’re also pretty much obsessed with wellness and staying healthy. It’s the reason we produced the ultimate wellness guide for easy and effortless cooking to help you lead a healthy life.

Our Guides

Our guide is suitable for everyone. We’ve tried to focus on making vegetarian cooking easy and effortless for you. We ensure that you don’t spend so much time and money making vegan dishes.

Most people fall off the bandwagon because they feel that vegetarian life is a lot of hard work. However, our guide will help you make scrumptious and healthy vegetarian dishes to live a healthy life without lots of hassles.

But, this doesn’t mean that our guide is only for beginners. On the contrary, we also have intriguing recipes and dishes that will keep any experienced vegan interested and curious to try them out.

We ensure that you stay excited and look forward to the next new and exciting thing to do in this journey of living healthy. Our guide will keep you on your toes and expectant with new things or ideasand fun recipes to try.

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Meet with our professional team members.

Charlotte Houston

Charlotte Houston

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Jim Fox

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James Goodwin

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Vegetarian Believes

Belmont Vegetarian

At Belmont Vegetarian, we believe in going a step further than most other vegetarian websites available on the internet today. We believe in making vegetarianism a lifestyle if you’re going to succeed in it.


This is why we created a useful guide to ultimate wellness and effortless cooking for a healthy life. That is not all, our website is built with you – our community, in mind.


Our Experience

We encourage visitors to our site to relate online and offline and share their experiences with each other. Through our rich community of people from all over the world, you’ll get a wealth of differing experiences, ideas and people to connect with.

Start your Journey!

When you start the journey to becoming a vegetarian, you need people to walk with you every step of the way. Our website presents the perfect platform for you to enjoy that.

We’re your vegetarian lifestyle website of choice!